Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bonus Day...Day 31 -- Pick a Day That I Haven't Described

I pick today. The last day of the challenge. I know I became sloppy towards the end but there were a few events that happened that made me not want to write. Well, I wanted to write but what I wanted to write had nothing to do with the challenge. Just keepin it real witcha. 

But anyway, I'd like to thank my girl, Thee_Kween, for coming up with this challenge. It did exercise my mind. I had to go way back in the recesses of my brain for some of the topics. 

I started off this challenge by saying that I hadn't done one of these in about a year and a half. I do believe it may be another year and a half before I do another one. :-)

To my fellow blog challengers, I apologize for not being more attentive to your writings. You all are a talented group of individuals and it was a pleasure reading your work. 

Aight...I'm outta here. Until next time, folks.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Day 30 -- Proudest Day To Date

Um...this one is hard for me as well. 

I guess it would have to be seeing my two oldest doing well after graduating high school and seeing my baby boy being productive with school, sports, and JROTC. 

Those three are my world. I couldn't be prouder of them if I tried. Knowing that you've done well as a parent is about the greatest gift one could ask for. 

Day 29 -- What I Was Doing Today

Since I'm behind, I guess I'll say what I did yesterday. 

Um...I woke up (obviously) and had an awful sneezing attack and burning eyes. Realized that my dad was cutting grass so that solved that mystery. 

I went to the corna sto for my usual, flirted with the owner's son (when I do that, I get extra squares) and went somewhere else that I can't remember. 

Talked shit on fb, talked to my daughter on the phone, answered a few emails about school. Had some company, went riding out with them, came home around 4am and that was it. 

Friday, March 29, 2013

Day 28 -- The Day You Had Your First Fight...Why?

Remember I wrote about A Day I'd Rather Forget here? Well, the events of that day led to my first fight the next day at school. 

I was in first grade and I remember being in the cafeteria at Laburnum Elementary and standing in line next to my best friend, Tanya. I have no idea what was said or how it even started but all I know is that she and I started scratching each other...first on the hands and then in the face. Our teacher pulled us out of the line and took us to the principal's office. 

The principal called our parents and my mother came to the school and explained why she thought it happened. She took me home, fixed me lunch, sat down and talked with me (don't remember what was said once again), I took a nap and went back to school the next day. Tanya and I were cool again...those were the days that you fought one minute and made up the next. 

That's about it. 

Day 27 -- A Day In Your Life

I wake up (if I sleep at all...which, I must admit, I've been doing since I've been working out)
Shower and brush my teeth
Cook breakfast
If my dad needs to go anywhere that's not in the immediate area, take him around
Job hunt
Dick around on fb
Talk to my kids
Eat dinner
Phone sex
Shower again
Play Suduko or read until I fall asleep. 
Dream about leaving this God forsaken place

Repeat as necessary. 

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Day 26 -- The Day Someone Left And Never Came Back (not death related)

Don't really have an answer for this one either. I'm the type of person that NORMALLY forgives everyone but as of late, that's changed. I'm cutting folks like Ginsu knives and making sure they stay out of my circle. Been hurt far too many times to keep going through the same bullshit. 

So to those folks, I say a resounding kiss my ass and a hearty...

Day 25 -- A Day You're Currently Planning For

I ain't planning for shit because whenever I do, it goes wrong. 

The end.